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HTML Reference

HTML reference is a set of resources designed by HTMLQuick.com to serve as a guide to webmasters, no matter if they are beginners or advanced in the use of the HTML code. Beginners can use this reference together with the HTML tutorials to start developing and testing their first pages while advanced webmasters may use it as a reference to check every time they forget something or when they have doubts about HTML programming.

This HTML reference, as the whole site does, encourages webmasters to make use of "good programming practices", which will finally bring several benefits that can only be achieved by writing the HTML code manually. These "good programming practices" not only help webmasters write a code which is cleaner and easier to understand, but also reduce file sizes, avoid ambiguity (very helpful for cross browser pages), and may give extra information to browsers and search engines, which is very useful when promoting a site. This is why our first recommendation is to write XHTML code, which is a variation of HTML 4.01 (with small differences) that makes a web page available for other platforms like PDAs or cell phones.

The most important resource of our HTML reference is the HTML tags section, which provides links to pages with descriptions and examples for each tag in the HTML 4.01 standard. Other resources for writing HTML documents are listed below. Remember that we look forward to add all the resources a webmaster may need, so don't hesitate to contact me and send recommendations and corrections about it.

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