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HTML tutorials and reference

Hi! I'd like to welcome you to HTMLQuick.com. Here I'll try to share with you my experience using this basic and popular language: HTML. I've filled this site with information carefully written and organized to show you all the characteristics of the HTML code in the simplest possible way.

As you will see around the site, it is my philosophy to write HTML code manually and correctly, and to respect the standards as they are designed to allow web pages to reach everyone. My first recommendation to all HTML authors is to begin using XHTML. This is a new version of the HTML standard based on XML that's designed to be more compatible and simpler to process.

The site's navigation is very comfortable and all the information in it is easy to find, even when there are lots of it. The whole site is basically divided in two parts: the HTML tutorials and the HTML reference.

In the HTML tutorials you can find a list of tutorials that will teach you step by step (as in a course) all the characteristics of the HTML code. The tutorials contain clear explanations (with images when necessary) and good examples.

The HTML reference is a set of resources designed to help webmasters to write their HTML code. For example, you can find tables containing character encodings, language codes, country codes, etc., that you may use to write your pages.

The most important part of the HTML reference is the HTML tags reference. This page shows a list of tags for the HTML 4.01 standard, with links to reference pages for each one of the 83 non-deprecated tags. Each one of these pages will give you detailed information about the tag, sush as attributes, events, examples, etc., with full descriptions of each one.

You can also find references in this site to learn beyond HTML, expanding your knowledge even more: adding client/server side functionality, making use of databases, finding cheap web hosting plans, etc.

Of course, this content is not intended to remain static. You can always contact me to give ideas on what I can do to make your learning experience better. I look forward to add or correct any information on this site, so please don't hesitate, and help me fill this site with all the information needed by webmasters to write HTML code manually.

I hope you find this site useful and can learn from it.

Diego Ponce de León
Corrientes, Argentina

Diseño y desarrollo: Latitud29.com

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