About me

Hi! By now, this website has been live for almost 10 years. It was about time I commit myself to make a huge update. And it's been huge! I've spent almost one and a half years in the website, in what's been more a remake than a renewal. In all these years my writing skills and my english have grown up with me... don't say it, I know it was a disaster.

Now that the remake is finished, I feel relief. But wait! There's so much left to do yet. I intend to keep updating the website with new and cool features. I just hope I can find the time.

What else can I say? I'm a programer who's been doing a lot of stuff during his life, most of it concerning to web design and development. But currently, I'm studying video game design and development, so may be (just may be) next time we see each other will be in a more fun situation... whaddayaknow!

And yes... do you see that picture? Yes, that's me. But don't buy it, I've never played one of those things in my life. Now, wouldn't it be nice? See you next time!

Diego Ponce de León
Corrientes, Argentina