HTML tutorials and reference

Welcome to HTMLQuick. In these pages I'll try to share with you my experience using this basic and popular language: HTML. I've filled the site with information carefully written and well organized with the intention of helping others to learn this language in the simplest and fastest way possible.

What's new?

HTMLQuick has been recently invaded by HTML5, the new standard for the web, that's rich in features and flexible. HTML5 is, day by day, gaining support from all major browsers, becoming the most recommended standard and the undisputable choice for the production of a website.

How to go about the site?

The whole site is basically divided in two parts: the tutorials and the reference. For beginners, I recommend to start reading the tutorials and carry out the proposed practices, being that this section has been particularly designed for that audience. With the tutorials, things will go slow and smooth like in a course, which will allow the learner to gather the basic knowledge and concepts before moving on to the reference.

The reference, in the other hand, is a very complete and thorough resource that tries to cover all subjects related to HTML5. This section is comparable to a manual or dictionary, with information ready to be accessed and used instantly. This could help more experienced authors in the development process.

Is that it?

HTML is the most basic language used in web design, and not nearly enough to produce a modern looking website. Therefore, I also provide some external resources to continue the learning process in other areas. Visit the beyond HTML section, and expand your knowledge in areas like: style sheets, client-side scripting and server-side languages.

And, of course, this content is not intended to remain static. You can always contact me to propose ideas on what can be done to make the learning experience on the site better. I look forward to add or correct anything necessary, so please don't hesitate and help me making this website the best HTML5 resource.

I sincerely hope you find this site useful and can learn a lot from it.

Diego Ponce de León
Corrientes, Argentina